Thursday, 25 September 2014

No Limits? No Future!

The Blowfish
Hi Shark Trust crew! The Blowfish here, back to keep you guys in the know with all that is sharky. You see, the hard working people at The Shark Trust know just how passionate the younger (and super cool) supporters are, so I’m here to make sure you stay right in the loop! Your contributions can make a massive difference.

Now today I am talking about the new No Limits? campaign and why it is so massively important to all our shark species here in the UK and the wider European Union. So what’s the score then?

I’m sure many of you, like me, would love to see sharks and rays in the seas and only in the seas! However, we have to be realistic about this and understand that to try and stop all shark fishing would be impossible! So, we must do all we can to make it sustainable and controllable by campaigning for some science-based catch limits. You see, if we can study the populations of these shark species, we can provide information to the fishing industry and advice for quotas and catch limits. Then the fishing boats can still go out and catch their fish and sharks, but, it will be sustainable, and the populations of animals like the Starry Smoothhound, Nursehound and Smallspotted Catshark will stay healthy and thriving.

It’s a real tough task peeps, especially when we have to cover all of Europe and deal with the big problems of bycatch and discards. Bycatch is when a fishing boat catches species it wasn’t targeting, like long lining for tuna, but catching Blue Shark instead. Discards are when a fishing vessel throws fish they do not want, back overboard into the sea. Sadly bony fish are often dead or very weak and do not survive but sharks are much tougher and have a better chance of surviving.

Don’t panic! Because you can be Super Shark Savers! I know all of you will be really awesome with computers, so please share the link to the No Limits? petition at and encourage anyone you know who is over 18 to sign.

For all
those under 18 you can still make your voice count - find out more and sign the pledge. Lets get the No Limits? campaign off to a cracking start.

Remember, No Limits? No Future!

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